Lebanese marriages are a exceptional experience that you can’t miss. They are a celebration of love, marriage, and culture.

Lebnon marriage traditions are rich and elaborate, incorporating from extravagant food, blossoms, music, and dancing to international dating for filipina women intricate dresses, jewelry, and decorations. This https://asianbrides.org/lebanese-women is why it’s extremely important to plan your Lebanese wedding carefully.

Pre-wedding persons

On the day of this ceremony, each of the bride’s and groom’s families maintain a pre-wedding party in their own house. While these get-togethers are less extravagant than the marriage ceremony on its own, they still have a lot of food, music, and belly dancing.

Henna party

Henna is a popular ethnic symbol of prosperity and good luck. At the night before the marriage, a guy relative paints elaborate patterns on both the bride and groom’s body shapes using henna.

Zalghouta or ululation

Women of all ages from both bride and groom’s young families chant the blessings for the kids. This resounds throughout the entire party and it is a sign with their happiness for their upcoming marital life.

Crowning the groom and bride

The bride plus the groom happen to be crowned during the wedding ceremony by a clergyman. This symbolizes the divine vocation that two have and it also echos their status while noble persons in the community (Hanf 2015).


Embark on a journey in the world of lebanon wedding customs with us!

Lebanese couples are very strict about maintaining their sociable standing in the city. This is why they value their particular prestige and respect their particular relatives’ https://www.zoosk.com/date-mix/dating-advice/ decisions of their future. It’s a temperament that helps to stop a couple coming from falling in to poverty and ostracism later on in their lives.