Ecuador has its own amazing marriage traditions that have been utilized ecuadorian women for a long time. These are a great way to plan your special working day and will give you the opportunity to build memories that will last a lifetime.


One of the first traditions in an Ecuadorian wedding ceremony may be the processional. That’s where the groom and bride walk over the aisle mutually, followed by their loved ones and friends. They may also be accompanied by musicians, who perform classic instruments such as drums, flutes, and guitars.

Exchange of Vows

After the processional, you need to exchange promises with each other. That is a very important part of the marriage ceremony and represents their commitment to each other.


During an Ecuadorian wedding, music is an important element of the special event. This can incorporate a mariachi group or a community DJ.


A traditional Ecuadorian banquet is a huge the main festivities. The most popular dish is a plate of soup, however you will also see meats platters, taters, and rooster steak on the menu.

Dessert Table

A sweet table is a common tradition in most Ecuadorian weddings. This represents the couple’s commitment to one another and their new life together. It is a fun, exquisite way to finish the meal and celebrate their very own wedding day.